XVII International Congress of Linguists
Prague, Czech Republic, July 24-29, 2003

Accepted contributions for the workshop 9:
The interplay of internal and external factors in language development: the Sahel-Sahara Region as a language laboratory

  1. Caron, Bernard: Chadic South Bauchi West TAM Systems
  2. Cyffer, Norbert: Perceptions of Time and Their Conceptualisation in Saharan Languages
  3. Gottschligg, Peter: Elaboration and Simplification in Fula Verbal Morphology
  4. Jungraithmayr, Herrman: The Chadic Verb: State of the Art
  5. Kastenholz, Raimund: TAM/Verbal Paradigm Systems in Western Mande: An Overview
  6. Leger, Rudolf: Logophoric Pronouns in Bole-Tangale
  7. Nicolai, Robert: Contact et genese: ouvertures et perspectives concernant les question de l'évolution des langues
  8. Storch, Anne: Tense ans Aspect in Jukun
  9. Tourneux, Henry: Pluralité nominale, pluralité verbale et marques aspectuelles en "kotoko"
  10. Vossen, Rainer & Ermisch, S.: From Contact to Shift: The "Splendid Isolation" of Bisa (East Mande)
  11. Zima, Patr: TAM/Verbal Paradigms in the Sahel-Sahara Region as Genetic. Areal and SL Features: Where Are We 70 Years After A. Klingenheben?