XVII International Congress of Linguists
Prague, Czech Republic, July 24-29, 2003

Accepted contributions for the workshop 4:
Discourse patterns

  1. Barbaresi, Lavinia Merlini (Pisa): Levels of Complexity in Descriptive Text Type
  2. Bremond, Capucine (Caluire): "Avoir un but dans l'echange": Comment s'organisent les representations des locuteurs dans l'emergence de l'interaction?
  3. Cmejrkova, Svetla: Emotional Patterns in Dialogical Discourse
  4. Danes, Frantisek: Universality vs. Culture-Specificity of Emotion
  5. Fomenko, Olena G. (Zaporizhzhya): Functioning of Conceptual Network in a Set of Short Stories
  6. Hajicova, Eva: Contextual Boundness and Discourse Patterns
  7. Kamp, Hans: tba
  8. Longacre, B.: Holistic Concerns in Textual Analysis
  9. Uhlirova, Ludmila: 'This' and 'That' in Discourse Structure: A Corpus Approach
  10. Zadvornaja, Jelena G. (Minsk): E'pistemicheskaja specifika razlichnyx tipov diskursa

Note: The first three of these contributions are understood to get 30 min. plus 10 min. of discussion, the others - 20 plus 10