XVII International Congress of Linguists
Prague, Czech Republic, July 24-29, 2003

Accepted contributions for the workshop V:

  1. Dabir_Moghaddam, Mohammad: Intenal and External Forces in Typology: Evidence from Iranian Languages
  2. Doneux, Jean Léonce & Rey, Véronique: La lingusitique africaine aux XVIII? et XIX? siécles: les précurseurs et les fondateurs
  3. Ivanova, Irina: Francuzskaja socialnaja psichologija i russkaja lingvistika
  4. Jikia, Marika: K detalizacii tipologiceskich cert tjurskich jazykov
  5. Lazard, Gilbert: What Relationships Between Typologycal Linguistics And Cognitive Research?
  6. Merlini, Lavinia: The Relevance of Cross-Linguistic Acquisition Studies for Typological Language Comparison
  7. Serebrennikova, Evguenia: La répresentation de la catégorie de la personne: aspects typologiques des la comparaison interlangagiere
  8. Sondermann, Frieder: Dr. Andreas Saiffert (c.1748-1811) in Paris - And The Failure of This German Language Project
  9. Southern, M.: Morphosymbolism, wordplay and reduplicative iconicity: Expressive poetics in Germanic and Celtic, and their Indo-European origins
  10. Stenzel, Kristine: Supposition as an Evidential Category in Wanano and Other Eastern-Tucano Languages
  11. Strugielska , Dr. Ariadna: Contrastive Studies Within The Cognitive Paradigm And Their Pedagogical Implications
  12. Szerencsi, Katalin: The Grammatical Competence of Non-Native-Speaking and native-Speaking EFL Teachers in Light of Their Metalinguistic Performance