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Workshop 1 - Frame Semantics
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Tuesday, 29.7.2003
9:00 3.2 Boas, Heid welcome
9:05 3.2 Subirats-Rueggeberg, Petruck Surprise: Spanish FrameNet!
9:30 3.2 Kowalski, Erk, Pinkal, Pado Building a Resource for Lexical Semantics
10:00 3.2 Boas Frame-bearing Nominals
10:25 3.2 Fillmore tba
11:30 3.2 Östman Persuasion in action: Frames-explicit and implicit
11:55 3.2 Petruck, Boas All in a Day's Week
12:20 3.2 Martin A unified approach to semantic frames and collocational patterns
12:50 3.2 Seppälä, Varantola, Raudaskoski, Kalliokuusi The HOUDINI project. Frame Semantics and terminological analysis methods for information retrieval
15:00 3.2 Lönneker Semantic Frame Elements in Annotated Concept Frames
15:30 3.2 Boas, Heid closing remarks
Workshop 2 - Connectionist modelling of cognitive processes in linguistic activities
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Saturday, 26.7.2003
11:30 3.3 Poersch The meaning and the operation of connectionist neural networks
12:00 3.3 Rossa Pragmatic Implicatures in English Modal Verbs: a Connectionist Approach
12:30 3.3 Rossa Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) and linguistic awareness: simulation aspects
13:00 3.3 Gaelzer Sigot The Learning of Inferencing Strategies in Reading
17:30 3.3 General discussion
Workshop 4 - Discourse patterns
time room author(s) paper
Monday, 28.7.2003
9:00 3.2 Sgall Introductory remarks
9:20 3.2 Kamp Discourse structures and the structure of context
10:00 3.2 Daneš Universality vs. Culture Specificity of Emotion
10:30 3.2 Hajièová Contextual boundness and discourse patterns
11:30 3.2 Longacre Holistic Concerns in Textual Analysis
12:10 3.2 Èmejrková Emotional Patterns in Dialogical Discourse
12:40 3.2 Bremond "Avoir un but dans l'echange": Comment s'organisent les representations des locuteurs dans l'emergence de l'interaction?
15:00 3.2 Uhlíøová 'This' and 'that' in Discourse Structure. A Study Based on the Czech National Corpus
15:30 3.2 Barbaresi Levels of Text Complexity
16:00 3.2 Fomenko Functioning of Conceptual Network in a Set of Short Stories ("Dubliners" by James Joyce)
16:30 3.2 Zadvornaja Epistemic Peculiarities of Different Types of Discourse
17:30 3.2 Vedenina La creation textuelle: jeu de facteurs syntaxique, semantique et communicatif
18:10 3.2 Sgall Closing remarks
Workshop 5 - Prague functionalism
time room author(s) paper
Tuesday, 29.7.2003
9:00 3.1 Èermák Opening of the workshop
9:30 3.1 Daneš The Double Basis of the Prague Functional Approach
10:00 3.1 Dezsõ On the early stage of the 20th century typology: Synchrony and diachrony in the Prague and Copenhagen Circles
10:30 3.1 Hoskovec Sur la délimitation de la langue. Une étude de linguistique stucturale.
11:30 3.1 Dressler From "means-ends" to functionalist epistemology
12:00 3.1 Dušková Syntactic function vs. FSP function: An intralingual and interlingual view
12:20 3.1 Fiala FSP as a Supposed WO Factor in Japanese
15:00 3.1 Tobin Between Phonology and Lexicon: A Question of Semiological Economy
15:30 3.1 Srpová Le fonctionnalisme pragois et le concept d' itérativité dans la description de l'aspect du verbe tcheque
15:50 3.1 Yakovlev Aspects of phonetic/phonological periphery in works of Prague functionalists and the phonetic/phonological periphery in modern Afrikaans
Workshop 6 - Theory of Terminology
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Monday, 28.7.2003
9:00 3.1 Getting acquainted. Preliminary information
9:10 3.1 Kocourek Theory of Terminology and Specialized Language: Criteria and Choices
9:35 3.1 Cabré Théories de la Terminologie: prescription, description, explication
10:00 3.1 Temmerman Termontography: ontology building and the sociocognitive approach to terminology description
10:25 3.1 Lerat Terminologie dénominative, combinatoire et confrontative
11:20 3.1 Šabršula La terminologie dans la langue et dans ses sous-codes
11:45 3.1 L'Homme Representing Semantic Relations between Terms in Specialized Dictionaries
12:10 3.1 Machová A Vain Attempt to Standardize Linguistic Terminology?
12:35 3.1 Auger La stratification lexicale d'un texte de LSP
13:00 3.1 Association Europeene de Terminologie: Awarding the International prize in Terminology
15:00 3.1 Boulanger La constellation morphologique des technolectes et les dictionnaires de LSP
15:25 3.1 Slodzian De la terminologie classique aux ontologies actuelles;constantes et variations du débat épistémologique
15:50 3.1 Jacques Réduction et ambiguité en discours spécialisé
16:15 3.1 Aito Réflexions épistémologiques et ontologiques: vers une terminologie pragmatique et sociocognitive au service des langues en voie de développement
17:10 3.1 Mishlanova Comparative Study of Metaphor in Russian, English and German Scientific Medical Discourse
17:35 3.1 Zweigenbaum Learning Morphological Knowledge from Medical Terminology
17:35 3.1 Grabar Learning Morphological Knowledge from Medical Terminology
18:00 3.1 Leblanc J. K. Rowling, terminologue
18:25 3.1 Concluding Discussion
Workshop 7 - Mechanism and motivations of grammatical change
time room author(s) paper
Tuesday, 29.7.2003
9:00 3.3 Prévost La fixation du sujet pronominal en français: un cas de grammaticalisation?
9:30 3.3 Kolmer The Evolution of Convergent Structures in the Syntax of Dialects at the Germanic-romance Language Contact Zone: The Case of Expletive Elements
10:00 3.3 Bourdin La resémantisation des directionnels déictiques comme marqueurs aspectuels du "transcursif" : vers une typologie
10:30 3.3 Peyraube Mechanisms and Motivations of Grammatical Change in Chinese
11:30 3.3 Biq From Collocation to Idiomatic Expression: Mandarin hao in Constructions
12:00 3.3 Jisa Do young acquirers play a role in language change?
12:30 3.3 Cysouw From Pronoun to Agreement: The Importance of Information Structure
13:00 3.3 Jacquesson Language Evolution: Quick or Slow?
15:00 3.3 Klimonov A Restructuring of the System of Aspectual Oppositions in Russian from the Viewpoint of the Natural Grammatical Development
15:30 3.3 Chappell Syntactic and semantic change of the comitative in Sinitic languages
16:00 3.3 Kiss Synonymie syntaxique et changement grammatical en préroman
16:30 3.3 Solovyev Two cognitive mechanisms of syntactic evolution
Workshop 9 - The interplay of internal and external factors in language development: the Sahel-Sahara region as a language laboratory
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Saturday, 26.7.2003
11:30 3.2 Zima Introductory remarks
12:00 3.2 Nicolai Contact et genese : ouvertures et perspectives pour un « Nouveau Programme » de recherche sur l’évolution des langues
12:30 3.2 Vossen, Ermisch From Contact to Shift: The "Splendid Isolation" of Bisa (East Mande)
13:00 3.2 Caron Chadic South Bauchi West (SBW) TAM Systems
17:30 3.2 Cyffer Perceptions of Time and Their Conceptualisation in Saharan Languages
18:00 3.2 Gottschligg Elaboration and Simplification in Fula Verbal Morphology
Monday, 28.7.2003
9:00 3.3 Jungraithmayr The Verb in Chadic State of the Art
9:30 3.3 Kastenholz TAM/verbal Paradigm Systems in Western Mande: An Overview
10:00 3.3 Leger, Zoch Logophoric Pronouns in Bole-Tangale Languages
10:30 3.3 Storch Tense and Aspect in Jukun
17:30 1.1 Tourneux Pluralité nominale, pluralité verbale et marques aspectuelles en "kotoko"
18:00 1.1 Zima TAM/Verbal Paradigms in the Sahel-Sahara Region as Genetic. Areal and SL Features: Where Are We 70 Years After A. Klingenheben?
Workshop 11 - Databases in Typological and Cross-Linguistic Research
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Monday, 28.7.2003
11:30 3.3 Everaert The use of databases in linguistic theorizing
12:00 3.3 Dimitriadis An introduction to database design for typology
12:30 3.3 Bickel, Nichols The autopologizing method of typological databasing
13:00 3.3 Brown, Corbett Qualitative typological databases: the Surrey experience
15:00 3.3 Elsik, Matras A Morphosyntactic database of Romani dialects
15:30 3.3 Gast, Koenig A typological database of intensifiers and reflexives
16:00 3.3 Hurch, Mattes The Graz Database on Reduplication
16:30 3.3 Musgrave, van Halteren, Muysken The Spinoza Areal Database
17:30 3.3 Wittenburg Architectures for distributed language resources
18:00 3.3 Veselinova tba