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Session 1 - Language planning and language policies
time room author(s) paper
Friday, 25.7.2003
11:45 D Bamgbose Language Planning and Language Policies: Issues and Prospects
12:30 D Anwar Language Planners: Losing Negotiators of Power The Case of the Arab World
13:00 D Coulmas The impact of globalization on changing language regimes: Preliminary considerations
Saturday, 26.7.2003
11:30 1.1 del Valle Spain's foreign language-policy and the notion of pan-Hispanic brotherhood
12:00 1.1 Lacorte Spanish as a "global" language?: The case of Spanish in the U.S.
12:30 1.1 de Groof Language planning and policy evaluated: Belgium 1795-1914
17:30 1.1 Holtschneider Cultural liquidation and assimilationist language policy in the Japanese Empire: the case of Korea and Tokieda Motoki
18:00 1.1 Khaleeva Language Policy and Language Planning in Multiethnic Russia
Monday, 28.7.2003
9:00 1.1 Stabej Some Aspects of Language Policy and Language Planning in Slovenia
9:30 1.1 Olshtain, Nissim-Amitai Language Choice in a Multilingual Community: The Case of the Circassians in Israel
10:00 1.1 Herrera Lima Language Maintenance and Language Shift. How to create a situation which may help to value threatened languages
10:30 1.1
11:30 1.1 Terborg, Herrera Lima Language Shift in Mexican Indigenous Communities
12:00 1.1 Aito Language Planning oriented terminology: officialization processes of the Office de la langue française in Québec
15:00 1.1 Hodek-Hamilton "No Child Left Behind Act of 2001": Public Education Policy and Its Implications for Teaching English Language Learners in the U.S.A.
15:30 1.1 Kunschak Language planning in foreign language instruction: Language variation as perceived by college level students of German
16:00 1.1 Tsunoda The Role of Language and Communication in International Cooperation for Human Resources Development: Japanese Challenges and Strategies
Session 2 - Pidgins, creoles, language in contact
time room author(s) paper
Friday, 25.7.2003
11:45 C Versteegh The future of creolistics
12:30 C Chan Case-marking in Cantonese-English Code-switching
13:00 C Elsik Borrowing Hierarchies in Morphology: The Romani Sample
Saturday, 26.7.2003
11:30 T1 Evans, Pienaar The effect of language contact on some South African languages
12:00 T1 Kapeliuk Between Russian and Neo-Aramaic
12:30 T1 Gómez Reflections of Brazilian Portugese in the Yanomae Language of Amazonia
13:00 T1 Janse Agglutinating tendencies and the development of morphological definiteness in Cappadocian
17:30 T1 Ljubièiæ Contrastive Approach to the Adaptation of Gender of French Nouns in Italian and in Croatian
18:00 T1 Munoz Progressive Forms in Contact: From Transfer to Convergence in the Spanish Progressive Constructions in Los Angeles
Monday, 28.7.2003
9:00 T1 Diller, Khanittanan Bilingual mixing and diglossic differentiation: Thai and Khmer
9:30 T1 Rodríguez Phonic peculiarities of the Spanish language in contact with Galician, Basque and Catalan
10:00 T1 Mehrotra Grammatical Features of Indian Pidgin English
10:30 T1 Naro Some bases of pidginizatization
11:30 T1 Papen Do mixed languages have one phonology or two? The case of Michif
12:00 T1 Olbertz The evidential present perfect in Ecuadorian Highland Spanish: a case of language contact
Session 3 - Comparative linguistics
time room author(s) paper
Friday, 25.7.2003
17:30 A Campbell Historical Linguistics: the State of the Art
18:15 A Sammallahti Linguistic Innovation of Uniform Protolanguages
18:45 A Marcantonio Evidence: the missing concept in comparative studies
Saturday, 26.7.2003
11:30 A Grondona Are Guaycuruan and Matacoan Languages Related?
12:00 A van der Voort Tupi or not Tupi? The unclassified languages of Rondônia, Brazil
12:30 A Green Subgrouping Within the NonPamaNyungan Languages of Northern Australia: Evidence From Verbal Paradigms
13:00 A Alpher, McConvell Reconstruction of the Proto-Pama-Nyungan Kinship System in Australia
17:30 A Ratcliffe Afroasiatic Comparative Lexica: Implications for long and medium range comparison
18:00 A Ehret Separating Innovations from Shared Retentions in Language Classification
Monday, 28.7.2003
9:00 A Orlandini 'Contra' : le parcours controversé d'une grammaticalisation
9:30 A Agcagül On grammaticalization paths of Turkic postverb constructions
10:00 A
10:30 A
11:30 A Andersen Syntactic change in Russian numeral phrases
12:00 A Ross Change and Stasis in Oceanic Possessive Constructions
12:30 A Smith Romance Ethic Clitics as a Case of Subjectification
13:00 A Barðdal The Development of Case in Germanic
15:00 A Scherer Diachronic word formation: -er nominals in German
15:30 A Martin From Prefix to Infix in Muskogean
16:00 A Awedyk, Hamans Listening with foreign ears
16:30 A Bubenik On the Evolution of the Hittite System of Postpositions from PIE
17:30 A Koch The case for Pama-Nyungan: Evidence from inflectional morphology
18:00 A Caron The pronominal system of South-Bauchi West Chadic languages
Tuesday, 29.7.2003
9:00 A Hock *[+ labial, + palatalised]
9:30 A Rudes Applied Comparative Linguistics and Language Revitalization
10:00 A Diaz-Vera Principles of Diachronic and Contrastive Onomasiological Reconstruction: From Lexicology to Lexicography
10:30 A Gensler Shared quirks: A methodology for "non-orthodox" historical linguistics
9:00 C Rischel The role of a "mixed" language in linguistic reconstruction
9:30 C Phillips Borrowing and the Lexical Diffusion of Sound Change
10:00 C Johanson Code Copying in Historical Linguistics
10:30 C Csato-Johanson Copied features of Turkic reflexives
11:30 A Orr Family Trees in Historical Linguistics and Evolutionary Biology
12:00 A Polikarpov Evolutionary Model for Explaining of the Menzerath's Law Arising
12:30 A Ragagnin The historical evolution of a Turkic variety in northwestern Mongolia
13:00 A Wichman A summary of advances in Mayan comparative phonology
11:30 C Abraham The European demise of the simple past and the emergence of the periphrastic perfect: areal diffusion or natural, autonomous evolution under parsing facilitation? The case of South German.
12:00 C Schulte On double standards in sound change: the “Slavic conjugation" in Romanian
15:00 A Abe Dialectical / climatic features and distribution of terms for watercourses in Asian languages: the case of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese
15:30 A van Driem The Language Organism: The Leiden Theory of Language Evolution
Session 4&6 - Computational Linguistics and Techniques for language description
time room author(s) paper
Friday, 25.7.2003
17:30 C Calzolari, Ferrari A State of Art in Computational Linguistics and Language Resources for Language Technology
18:15 C Mörth XAligner: Building an interactive multi-lingual multi-purpose alignment system for XML encoded data
18:45 C Ruimy, Monachini, Calzolari Un Lexique Électronique Multi-niveaux de l'Italien
Saturday, 26.7.2003
11:30 C Sanso Typological databases: A new approach
12:00 C Böhmová, Hajièová Large Language Data and the Degrees of Automation
12:30 C Lopatková Issue of Valency in Prague Dependency Treebank: Creating Valency Lexicon of Verbs
13:00 C Bordag S. Sentence Co-occurrences as Small-world Graphs: A Solution to Automatic Lexical Disambiguation
17:30 C Isahara Linguistic Resources Compiled by Communications Research Laboratory, Japan
18:00 C
Monday, 28.7.2003
9:00 C Grabar, Zweigenbaum Learning Morphological Knowledge from Medical Terminology
9:30 C Zinglé, Gonzalez Morphologie derivative et traitement automatique de la langue yaqui
10:00 C Bosch, Pretorius Towards a computational morphological analysis of Zulu
10:30 C Slavcheva Multi-Level Linguistic Description of the Verb Complex in Bulgarian
11:30 C Hamon Semi-automatic acquisition of synonymy relations between terms based on lexical resources
12:00 C Tio Nachschlagwerke in Internet. Zweck und heutiger Stand des Katalanisch-Englisch-Deutschen Lexicons
12:30 C Dias-da-Silva Human Language Technology Research and the Development of the Brazilian Portuguese Wordnet
15:00 C Antonov, Bogushevich, Nikishin Syntactic model for a formalised sentence analysis
15:30 C Alsharaf, Cardey, Greenfield, Limame, Skouratov Fixedness, the complexity and fragility of the phenomenon: some solutions for natural language processing
16:00 C Hong, Ooi NPs as content indicators of variation across speech and writing
16:30 C Arim, Costa, Freitas Testing two discourse segmentation models with Portugese data
Session 5 - Language and fieldwork
time room author(s) paper
Friday, 25.7.2003
11:45 E Everett Coherent Fieldwork
12:30 E de Graaf Description of endangered languages in Russia on the basis of historical data and field work
13:00 E Fuerst Any authentic speakers left? German dialects in Southern Moravia
Monday, 28.7.2003
9:00 B Conek La place du hongrois dans le familles hungaro suisses a Bale
9:30 B Giolitto Le plurilinguisme dans les plaines argentines: le contact entre l'espagnol et le piemontais dans la Pampa gringa
10:00 B Everett Allophonic variants of /r/ in Brazilian Portuguese dialects: a field report
10:30 B Tinyakova Fieldwork as social practice in modern society
11:30 B Souza-e-Silva L'affrontement des discours sur le travail: organisation eclatee et organisation cloitree
12:00 B Fernandes Le langage chez le jeune enfant: perception et representation
12:30 B Richard-Zappella From troubles of the patient to words of the doctor: Analysis of a type of reported speech, autophonic and diaphonic sequences
13:00 B
Session 7 - Syntax and morphology
time room author(s) paper
Friday, 25.7.2003
11:45 A Anderson Towards a Less 'Syntactic' Morphology and a More 'Morphological' Syntax
12:30 A ten Hacken Phrasal Elements as parts of Words
13:00 A Kihm Arabic Internal Plurals: Pluralization without Morpheme
17:30 D Haspelmath Phrasal and Clausal Coordinators
18:15 D Dressler, Klampfer The Relevance of Cross-Linguistic Acquisition Studies for Typological Language Comparison
18:45 D Hagege Space Markers, or the Difference Between Mere Rntities and Entities as Places
Saturday, 26.7.2003
11:30 D Askedal Topological Integration of Non-Verbal Elements into Modern Standard German Clause-Final Verb Chains
12:00 D Kupferman Inhérence et chaine de liage
12:30 D Drachman Approaches to null-Comp
13:00 D Skrabalova Local Scrambling as EPP Driven Movement: Evidence from Czech
17:30 D Bordag Gender Interference Effect in Second Language Production
18:00 D Westphal On the Position of Postverbal Subjects - The Case of the Spanish Canonical and "Se" Passives
Monday, 28.7.2003
9:00 D
9:30 D Joukova Systemwert des Konjunktivs der indirekten Rede in der deutschen Gegenwartssprache
10:00 D Nocentini Parataxis, Hypotaxis, Parahypotaxis
10:30 D Tenchea Sur quelques structures syntaxiques impliquées dans le phénomene de la reprise. La reprise POLÉMIQUE
11:30 D Borgonovo, Ignacio Bosque The Serial Progressive
12:00 D Jakab Counterfactuality and Conditional Inversion in Russian in the Light of English
12:30 D Ahangar Persian Relative Clause Derivation Based on Move-?
13:00 D Benoist Les syntaxemes "U N/génitif dand une grammaire de rôles du russe
15:00 D Halevy Co-referential dative pronouns in Hebrew
15:30 D Kutscher Case Selection in German Psych Verbs
16:00 D Jouitteau Case Assignment Strategies in Breton
16:30 D Havu, Pierrard Parametres pour l'interprétation et le classement des constructions a prédication seconde
15:00 T1 Skribnik Infinite Verb and its Categories
15:30 T1 Renaud Aspects de l'interface morphosyntaxe/sémantique: le cas des verbes a [complexité] 2
16:00 T1 Antrim Factors Affecting Selection of Possessive Constructions with Inalienable Possession
16:30 T1 Fujii The Syntactic Function of Negators and the Notion of "Grammatical Gravitation"
17:30 D Seppänen The English Ban on the Structure 'Preposition + Realtive that'
18:00 D Van Niekirk VP-Shell Analysis: A Minimalist Approach
18:30 D Dogliani Constructions ergatives de verbes experientiels: une comparaison entre le français et le portugais
17:30 T1 Kirtchuk Halevi Deixis vs. Conceptualization, Discourse vs. Grammar, Parole vs. Langue: A Copernican revolution in linguistics
18:00 T1 Scherer Diachronic Word Formazion: -er Nominals in German
18:30 T1 Schwarzwald Transition in Modern Hebrew Word Formation: From Discontinuous to Linear Formation
Tuesday, 29.7.2003
9:00 D Asatiani Main function of polypersonality in the Georgian language
9:30 D Filtchenko Pragmatics of Voice in Eastern Khanty
10:00 D Sung Long-Distance Reflexives in Saisiyat
9:00 T2 Fugier Les constructions causatives malgaches a préfixe maha-: le codage syntaxique des notions de cause extrinseque et intrinseque
9:30 T2 Brito The Presence/Absence of Definite Articles before Possessives in European and Brazilian Portuguese Revisited
10:00 T2 Katada Reduction versus Addition of the Causative Morphemes and their Implications to the Accessibility of the Argument Structure
10:30 T2 Riera, Gracia Deverbal Nouns Expressing Desire in Catalan
11:30 D Grishina Reference Maintenance in Ket
12:00 D Gruzdeva Towards a Typology of taxis: Evidence from Nivkh
12:30 D Nakamura Locality under Ellipsis in Japanese
13:00 D Ono On the So-called Stative Noncanonical Constructions in Japanese
Session 8 - Lexicology and lexicography
time room author(s) paper
Friday, 25.7.2003
11:45 B Gouws Lexicology and lexicography: State-of-the-art paper Milestones in metalexicography
12:30 B Gorjanc, Krek Extracting Collocations from the FIDA Corpus of Slovene Texts
13:00 B Zingle Constitution et exploitation d'unebase de données phraséoloques en français
Saturday, 26.7.2003
11:30 T2 Steyn Enchancing the outer access structures of learner's dictionaries
12:00 T2 Tarp Functions in learner's lexicography
12:30 T2 Borba Communication orale: L'inclusion des mots grammaticaux dans les dictionnaires de langue: Les cas des adverbes et des prépositions
13:00 T2 Inoue Geographical Distance Center and Multivariate Analysis of Standard Japanese
17:30 T2 Berthelot-Guiet Parametres descriptifs d'une integration lexicale
18:00 T2 Bertrand Lexicalisation du vocabulaire politique francais
Monday, 28.7.2003
9:00 T2 Kharitonchik Semantièeskie paradigmy v leksièeskoj sisteme jazyka
9:30 T2 Malin-Djuragic Neka nova leksikografska resenja u Recniku srpskih govora Vojvodine
10:00 T2 Climent de Benito A User-oriented Investigation in a Bilingual Background
10:30 T2 Frantzi. K.T. Enriching Bilingual Specialised Dictionaries with Collocations Using C-value on Parallel Corpora
11:30 T2 Ikeda L'analyse du lexeme dit « homonyme synchronique »: le cas du verbe « voler » en français contemporain
12:00 T2 Ozolina L’évolution de la créativité lexicale: adjectifs de relation et leurs équivalents fonctionnels dans la langue française du XIe-XIIIe et du Xxe siecle
12:30 T2 Bertuccelli A Notion of Lexical Complexity
13:00 T2 Cormier, Fernandez Influence in lexicography: A Case Study. Abel Boyer's Royal Dictionary
15:00 T2 Francoeur La description du français épuré dans le New Dictionary French and English, with another, English and French (1677) de Guy Miege
15:30 T2 Tang A study of Chinese Synonymous words with same morphemes
16:00 T2 Répási O novoj leksike Sovremennogo russkogo jazyka
16:30 T2 Green Lexicology and the Lexicographic Development of Electronic Processes
17:30 T2 Ponelis Afrikaans lexicography: a clearinghouse for Standard Dutch imports
18:00 T2 Stasni, Crnjak Something about New Words in the Serbian Language
18:30 T2 Tió Casacuberta Internet references. Objectives and current state of the Catalan-English-German lexicon
Session 9 - Phonetics and phonology
time room author(s) paper
Friday, 25.7.2003
17:30 B van der Hulst Phonological Dialectics, A short history of Generative Phonology
18:15 B Lehiste Linguistic functions of the time dimension of the acoustic signal
18:45 B Moore, Gomez Words in our mind, or words on our mind? How wed are we to words?
Saturday, 26.7.2003
11:30 3.2 Zendejas La sonorité des occlusives en espagnol:une étude de perception
12:00 3.2 Zomorrodian Sur l'adaptation des mots d'emprunt d'origine occidentale en persan
12:30 3.2 Skrelin, Volskaya Prosodic phrasing strategy from speaker's and listener's point of view
13:00 3.2
11:30 B Boubnova, Boulakia Intonation - fonctions et contours - dans un oral monologal surveillé
12:00 B Durand-Deska, Durand, Marek Stress Cues in Polish: Evidence from Speech Synthesis
12:30 B Noel Rhythm in everyday speech: the function of Standard German secondary accents
13:00 B Stockmal, Bond, Markus Measures of Native and Non-Native Rhythm in a Quantity-Sensitive Language
17:30 3.2 Ritter On Headedness in Phonology
18:00 3.2 Szentgyörgyi Representations in Optimality Theory: evidence from Hungarian voicing assimilation
17:30 B DeChicchis Cognitive Phonology
18:00 B Blaho Representations in Optimality Theory: evidence from Hungarian voicing assimilation
Monday, 28.7.2003
15:00 B Engler, Vilkou-Poustovaia Les deux phonologies de Saussure: phonologie des especes et phonologie des groupes
15:30 B Bonet, Lloret Parallel versus serial approaches to epenthesis in Catalan
16:00 B Cser Palatality as secondary place
16:30 B Scheer There is no Extrasyllabicity
17:30 B Steponavièius Universal and primary phonological distinctions and paradigmatic phonologization
18:00 B Tateishi Phonological Patterns and Lexical Strata
Tuesday, 29.7.2003
9:00 B Chakir Analyse phonétique et phonologique des consonnes d'arriere de l'arabe marocain et implications pour une modélisation phonologique des articulations postérieures
9:30 B Duez, Dubeda, Mejvaldova, Dohalska Utilisation of reduction and assimilatory processes of spoken French by Czech speakers: preliminary results
10:00 B Garcia-Bellido On the neither -Onset-nor-Coda status of some features in natural languages
10:30 B Gonzalez La suffixation en langue yaqui et ses implications phonologiques
11:30 B Michaels Agreement in Phonology: The Syntax of Segments
12:00 B Saltarelli Quantity Constraints and Enhancement
12:30 B Sara S?bawayh and The Relevance of Cavities, Exits and Features to Assimilation
13:00 B Mascaró The distribution of rhotics
15:00 B Lahrouchi L'extension gabaritique en berbere (parler chleuh d'Agadir) Cas du theme de l'inaccompli
15:30 B Mettouchi Intonational Variation in Berber: the Case of Contrastive Focalization on Clefts
Session 10 - Pragmatics and semantics
time room author(s) paper
Friday, 25.7.2003
17:30 E Harnish Pragmatics: State of the Art (I)
18:15 E Capone On Griece's Circle (Further Considerations on the Semantics/Pragmatics Debate)
18:45 E Erlich Creating Proximity or Distance with the Hearer: a Pragmatic Goal in Venezuelan Political Discourse
Saturday, 26.7.2003
11:30 E Graham, Chambers, Turner The role of semantic and nonlinguistic factors in guiding children's acquisition of lexical concepts
12:00 E Länsisalmi Overt reference and positive politeness in Japanese discourse
12:30 E Plunze Assertions, Commitments and Intentions
13:00 E Polcar The interpretation of indirect utterances: An experimental investigation of the processing of indirect speech acts
11:30 N Yoon Conceptualization of Intrasentential Codeswitching: A Refinement of Approaches
12:00 N Raja Tamil Meronymy: Identification and Classification
12:30 N Székely Empasising Negation in Hungarian, German and Russian Languages
13:00 N Ujiie Expression of personal Feeling, Society, and Language: In the Case of Discriminatory Consciousness in Japanese Society
17:30 E de Barros Énonciation et interaction: les personnes du discours
18:00 E Bogdanova The Source-Path-Goal Schema in the System of English Phrasal Verbs
17:30 N Katerelos, Poulin-Dubois, Oshima-Takane Is the noun bias universal? A cross-linguistic study of early word learning
18:00 N Vion Modalisations and Modalities in Discourse
Monday, 28.7.2003
9:00 E Bystrika Socio-cultural Conditions of the Realization of Generalized Addressed Sentences in the Contemporary Russian Language
9:30 E Hudelot L'explication peut-elle constituer une fenetre tant sur la théorie de l'esprit que sur l'écoéogie de l'esprit? Réflexions a partir de l'analyse des conduites d'explication chez des enfants des 4 a 6 ans
10:00 E Nieto Affectivity in political discourse
10:30 E Iljic Ability/Capacity and Epistemic Necessity (Chinese Evidence)
9:00 N Kruchinkina Grammaticeskie sredtstva metonimizacii znacenij suschestvitel'nych
9:30 N Dumitrescu The Speech Act of Wishing in Spanish and Romanian: A Cross-Cultural Approach
10:00 N Flottum The French pronoun 'on' in academic discourse - indefinite versus personal
10:30 N Maury-Rouan Presence vs . Absence of Addressee Influences Enunciative and Interactive Parameters in Discourse
11:30 E Pop Voies de grammaticalisation: le cas du roumain 'asa'
12:00 E Palanciuc Jeu, usage et autres "formes de vie". L'histoire d'un désenchantement : le tournant linguistique, Sciences et languages : de l'exigence rationnelle aux pratiques de modélisation en linguistique
12:30 E Neves Les bases d'une grammaire d'usages: le portugais comme exemple
13:00 E Mizuguchi 'Individuating' Functions in Numeral Classifier Languages A Case of Japanese Plurals and Classifiers
11:30 N Sroka Definiteness and Scope Restriction
12:00 N Petrova Some of the Secondary Meanings of the Russian, English and German Modal Verbs
12:30 N Välimaa-Blum The case of the predicate adjective in Finnish: agreement or government
13:00 N Saftoiu Responding to compliments. Contrastive study
15:00 E Arhipova Orthoepic variety of Russian adjectives (word stress)
15:30 E Bogushevich, Olovnikova Language as a System of Communicative and Cognitive Co-operation
16:00 E Antunes, Correira, Gonçalves Semantic nets in the Net
16:30 E Marcellino An Indepth Look at language Borrowing and Codeswitching of English in Indonesian Cellular Phone Advertising: Linguistic and Sociolinguistic Perspectives
15:00 N Nishina How Humans Identify Actions? One Proposal for Extracting Semantic Contents from their Spatiotemporal Information
15:30 N Nitsolova The Semantics of Evidentiality in Bulgarian
16:00 N Novoselova The Na?ve Conception of Mind in English and Russian Metaphoric Expressions
16:30 N Shi-xu Discourse and Culture
17:30 E Ferré Intra-Constituent Pauses in Spontaneous British English
18:00 E Erofeeva E., Erofeeva T. The Modelling of City's Sociolects
17:30 N Stati Le lexique auxiliaire de l'argumentation
18:00 N Lehmann On the linguistic categorization of sounds
Tuesday, 29.7.2003
9:00 E Abadi Source Domains of Time Metaphors in Contemporary Hebrew
9:30 E Haßler Epistemic Modality Revisited: Evidential Functions of Lexical and Grammatical Forms in Romance Languages
10:00 E Higashimori Grammaticalization of Combinatory Discourse Connectives: Levinson's GCIs vs. Sperber & Wilson's RT
10:30 E Liang Dying declarations, Western legal interpretations, and reliability as reported speech
9:00 N Adler A propos d'un parametre discursif facilitant l'ellipse de régimes prépositionnels: l'effet de contraste
9:30 N Chang (De)Constructing Group Identity, Building Cultural Diversity: Form and Function in Discourse of Popular Culture
10:00 N Osu How Linguistic Units Acquire Their Identity Through The Construction of Meaning: The Case of The Verb ??-ß?? in Ikwere
10:30 N Shin A Linguistic Analysis of Korean Color Terms
11:30 E Asnes Les interactions aspectuelles entre les prédicats verbaux et leurs arguments datifs
12:00 E Pires Sémantique du discours: polyphonie et énonciation
12:30 E Katz Un predicat motionnel ambigu: le predicat courir
13:00 E Oliveira The Use of Pitch Range in the Structuring of Spontaneous Narratives
11:30 N Gryner Markedness, Frequency, and Accessibility: The Emergence of the Periphrastic Future
12:00 N Jahangiri The Collapse of Semantic/Pragmatic Meaning of Persian Personal Pronouns in a Contextual Approach
12:30 N Pravikova The Relationship of Brain, Language and Mind: Cognitive Universals
13:00 N Sticha Topicalization, sentence opening and grammaticality
15:00 C Kuzina Linear organization and human perception
15:30 C Zamborlin Cross-cultural Pragmatic Transferability: Direct Requests in the Imperative Across English, Italian and Japanese
15:00 E Myers Mise en conscience d'aspects implicites
15:30 E Priego-Valverde La modulation dans le discours: analyse d'un paradoxe énonciatif
Session 11 - Varia
time room author(s) paper
Monday, 28.7.2003
17:30 C Stenzel 'Supposition' as an Evidential Category in Wanano and Other Eastern Tucano Languages
18:00 C Alberny, Rey, Sabater, Prost Contribution a une analyse linguistique de l'aphasie étude de cas d'une aphasie de broca
18:30 C Prost, Rey, Sabater, Thomas-Bartalucci Répétition de mots et de logatomes d'enfants déficients visuels en classe de CP
Tuesday, 29.7.2003
9:00 T1 Dabir-Moghaddam Internal and External Forces in Typology: Evidence from Iranian Languages
9:30 T1 Krasukhin Inner Reconstruction in Proto-Indo-European: Five Periods of Proto-Indo-European Accentuation
10:00 T1 Szerencsi The grammatical competence of non-native-speaking and native-speaking teachers of English in light of their metalinguistic performance
10:30 T1 Strugielska Contrastive Studies Within The Cognitive Paradigm And Their Pedagogical Implications
11:30 T1 Sondermann Dr. Andreas SAIFFERT (c.1748 - 1811) in Paris - And the Failure of his German Language Project
12:00 T1 Doneux, Rey La linguisitique africaine aux XVIIIe et XIXe siecles: les précurseurs et les fondateurs
12:30 T1 Kanno One of the hurdles any linguistic theory is supposed to clear
13:00 T1 Bat-Ireedui The Mongolian synonymy and structural analysis
11:30 T2 Southern Morphosymbolism, wordplay & reduplicative iconicity: Expressive poetics in Germanic & Celtic, & their Indo-European origins
12:00 T2 Serebrennikova La représentation de la catégorie de la personne: aspects typologiques de la comparaison interlangagiere
12:30 T2 Ivanova Francuzskaja socialnaja psichologija i russkaja lingvistika
13:00 T2 Jikia K detalizacii tipologiceskich cert tjurskich jazykov
15:00 T1
15:30 T1
15:00 T2
15:30 T2