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Poster session A - posters of sessions 1, 4&6, 7
Monday, 28.7.2003, 9:00 - 13:00, room H
session author(s) poster
S1 Frank 100 Jahre von Latino sine flexione
S1 Filtchenko, Shalamova Language Endangerment in Western Siberia, the case of Vasyugan Khanty
S1 DeChicchis Structural impediments to personal identification: Passport names
S1 Konidaris The Code-Switching Patterns of Trilingual Montrealers
S1 Ihara Toward the Language Peace in the World
S4&6 Rodrigues La relation entre le verbe et l'objet dans la langue xipaja (Tupí)
S4&6 Costa Relationships between subject and verb in kuruaya (Tupi)
S4&6 Ferreira Verbal classes and grammatical relations in Parkateje
S7 Ishikawa An Informal Look at Formal Aspects of Syntactic Drift: A Case Study in Spanish
S7 Giunashvili Category of Passive in the Middle Persian Language
S7 Mailles Diachronie morpho-sémantique corrélative en Forez de paradigmes des suffixes verbaux et du pronom personnel sujet ( « Qui est le premier de la poule et de l'ouf ? » )
S7 Lima Elementary School Students' Syntactic Maturity from Three Mexican Cities
S7 Paradis Je vais a ou sur Paris ? Etude de la dynamique de la préposition " sur " dans son emploi spatial
S7 Triquenot Je vais a ou sur Paris ? Etude de la dynamique de la préposition " sur " dans son emploi spatial
S7 Drezdner Le petit prince, pour un voyage au pays des langues
S7 Heap Les atlas linguistiques et l'étude de la morpho-syntaxe
S7 Scliar-Cablar Lexical Creations and Syllabic Processes
S7 Aurová Non-nominative Structures in Latin and Spanish
S7 Shimamura The Boundary between Word and Phrase: The Case of A-N Expressions within Compounds
S7 Molle The Usage of the Definite Article in Bulgarian and Macedonian
S7 Kanno Two-Alternative-Chinese-Character Words in Japanese: Right-hand Head Rule and Left-hand Priority Principle
Poster session B - posters of sessions 8, 9
Monday, 28.7.2003, 13:00 - 19:00, room H
session author(s) poster
S8 Blatná A Corpus-Driven Approach to Czeh Collocations and Collocational Idioms
S8 Zabotkina Conventionality vs. creativity in lexicon (pragmatic-semantic interface)
S8 Lachachi Le changement des parties du discours: un probleme de terminologie?
S8 Muha Semantic Typology of Exogeneous Lexemes (Syntagmatic Aspect)
S9 Carrera-Sabaté, Fernández-Planas Back Mid-Vowel Differences in Three Catalan Dialects
S9 Campos-Astorkiza Compensatory Lengthening as Root Number Preservation: Codas In Eastern Andalusian Spanish
S9 Šimáèková Crosslinguistic perception and production of English front vowels: Czech EFL learners trained in phonetics
S9 Tambovtsev Phonological Similarity Between Basque and Other World Languages Based on the Frequency of Occurrence of Certain Typological Consonantal Features
S9 Hung Interlanguage Phonology: The Case of Hong Kong English and Mandarin
S9 Stockmal, Bond, Moates Judging Voice Similarity in Unknown Languages
S9 Schmid L'isochronie dans les dialectes italo-romans: typologie phonologique et réalisation phonétique
S9 Magro On Some Intonational Features of French and Maltese Spontaneous Speech: a Comparative Study
S9 Bolotova, Tananaiko, Vasilyeva On Spontaneousus Speech and Reading in Russian
S9 Veselá, Peterek, Hajièová Some Observations on Contrastive Topic in Czech Spontaneous Speech
S9 Blaho Syllabic consonants in strict CV
S9 Shuk Prosodic Markers of English Radio Reports Pragmatics
S9 Dubeda, Menjvaldova, Dohalska L'imitabilite des modeles prosodiques en parole spontanee et en parole lue
S10 Chang Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Rules: Chinese vs. American
Poster session C - posters of sessions 10, 11
Tuesday, 29.7.2003, 9:00 - 13:00, room H
session author(s) poster
S10 Vogelberg A Discussion of Some Key Methodological Issues in Contrastive Studies of Strategies of Linguistic Politeness
S10 Tohyama A Semiotic Analysis of Verbal and Nonverbal Language in Literature - An Analysis of Henry James' Washington Square
S10 Brémond Avoir un but dans l"échange-poster
S10 Dobrovol'skij Corpus Based Approach to Linguistic Analysis of Literary Translation
S10 Richard-Zappella Des maux du patient aux mots du médecin: Analyse d'un type de discours rapporté, les séquences auto phoniques et diaphoniques
S10 Fenoglio Genese d'un texte et énonciation
S10 Dias, Ramos Analysés de la reponse perceptive de la parole et le níveau de satisfation avec l’apareil d’amplification sonore Iindividuel a un groupe des sourdes après un année dexperièncé auditive dans la methodologie verbotonal
S10 Le Bel Jokers idéologiques, jokers linguistiques
S10 Kotorova Kommunikativ-pragmatische Organisation von Äußerungen im Deutschen und Russischen
S10 Berthomeau Can an Assertion be Performative?
S10 Gryner Markedness, Frequency, and Accessibility: The Emergence of the Periphrastic Future
S10 Alexeeva Naucnyj perevod kak tip recevoj dejatelnosti
S10 Borisova Perlocutive linguistics as a new branch of applied linguistics
S10 Konovalov Requestive Behavior in Russian and English
S10 Mentcher Polysemy in Cross-Linguistic Perspective
S10 Sokolova Rapports sémantiques de dérivés en Suisse Romand
S10 Skutta Réflexions sur l'anaphore conceptuelle et ses rapports aux types de textes
S10 Menet Sémiologie de l'art; l'object danse (Premieres recherches)
S10 De Wolf Smiting Whom on What: A Question of Body-Part Language
S10 Salasoo The Early Nouns - What Do Children Learning Estonian Talk About?
S10 Bisazza To Be Or Not To Be-Structural Universals vs. Pragmatic Interminacy In Hyperphasia
S10 Georgievich, Vetoshkina Typology of communicative parts
S10 Rodrigues Un profil textuel de l'éleve en fin de cours de lettres dans les universités publiques brésiliennes
S10 Haag Expression of Cause-and-Effect Relations in Compound and Complex Conjunctionless Sentences in the Modern Russian Language
V - Poster Flanderkova On aphasic speech phenomena occurring in spontaneously written postcards in Slovak