XVII International Congress of Linguists
Prague, Czech Republic, July 24-29, 2003

Accepted papers for the session 9:
Phonetics and phonology

  1. Blaho, Sylvia & Szentgyörgyi, Szilárd: On Representations in Optimality: H-type Segments in Hungarian
  2. Bonet, Eulália & Lloret, Maria-Rosa: Parallel versus serial approaches to epenthesis in Catalan
  3. Boubnova, Galina & Boulakia, Georges: Intonation - fonctions et contours - dans un oral monologal surveille
  4. Chakir, Zeroual: Analyse phonétique et phonologique des consonnes d'arriére de l'arabe marocain et implication pour une modélisation phonologique des articulations postérieures
  5. Cser, András: Palatality as Secondary Place
  6. Dace Markus, Dzintra Bond, Verna Stockmal: Measures of native and non-native rhythm in a quantity-sensitive language
  7. DeChicchis, Joseph: Cognitive Phonology
  8. Duez, Danielle & Dubeda, Tomas & Mejvaldova, Jana & Dohalska, Maria: Acquisition des processus de réduction et d'assimilation du français parlé par des locuteurs tchéques: une étude pilote
  9. Engler, Rudolf & Vilkou-Poustovaia, Irina: Les deux phonologies de Saussure : phonologie des espéces et phonologie des groupes
  10. Garcia-Bellido, Paloma: On the Neither-Onset-Nor- Coda Status of Some Features in Natural Languages
  11. Gomez, Gale Goodwin & Moore, Kate: Words in our Mind, or Words on our Mind? How Wed Are We to Words?
  12. Gonzalez, Albert Alvarez: La suffixation en langue yaqui et ses implications phonologiques
  13. Lehiste, Ilse: Searching for linguistic information in the soundwave
  14. Mettouchi, Amina: Intonational variation in berber
  15. Michaels, David: Agreement in Phonology: The Syntax of Segments
  16. Patrizia Noel: Rhythm in everyday speech: the function of Standard German secondary accents
  17. Pierre Durand, Anna & Marek, Boguslaw: Stress cues in Polish : Evidence from speech synthesis
  18. Ritter, Nancy: On Headedness in Phonology
  19. Saltarelli, Mario: Quantity Constraints and Enhancement
  20. Solomon, Sara: S?bawayh and The Relevance of Cavities, Exits and Features to Assimilation
  21. Scheer, Tobias: There is no Extrasyllabicity
  22. Steponavičius, Albertas: Universal and primary phonological distinctions and paradigmatic phonologization
  23. Tateishi, Koichi: Phonological Patterns and Lexical Strata
  24. Vilaplana, Eva Estebas: Phonetic and Phonological Properties of the Final Pitch Accent in Catalan Declaratives
  25. Volskaya, Nina & Skrelin, Pavel: Prosodic phrasing strategy from speaker's and listener's point of view
  26. Zendejas, Esther Herrera: La sonorité des occlusives en espagnol: une étude de perception
  27. Zomorrodian, Reza: Sur l'adaptation phonétique des emprunts d'origine occidentale en persan


  1. Blaho, Sylvia: Syllabic Consonants in Strict CV
  2. Bolotova, Olga - Tananaiko, Svetlana & Vasilyeva, Lydmila: On Spontaneousus Speech and Reading in Russian
  3. Campos-Astorkiza, Rebeka: Compensatory Lenthening as Segment Number Preservation: Codas is Eastern Andalusian Spanish
  4. Carrera-Sabaté, Josefina & Fernández-Planas, Anna M.: Back Mid-Vowel Differences in Three Catalan Dialects
  5. Hung, Dr Tony T.N.: Interlanguage Phonology: The Case of Hong Kong English and Mandarin
  6. Lahrouchi, Mohamed: Aspects gabaritiques de la derivation verbale en berbere
  7. Magro, Elgar-Paul: On Some Intonational Features of French and Maltese Spontaneous Speech: a Comparative Study
  8. Mascaró, Joan: The Distribution of Rhotics
  9. Schmid, Stefan: L'isochronie dans les dialects italo-romans: typologie phonologique et realization phonétique
  10. Shuk, Svetlana: The Prosodic Markers of the English Radio Report Pragmatics
  11. Šimáčková, Šárka: Crosslinguistic perception and production of English front vowels: Czech EFL learners trained in phonetics
  12. Stockmal, Verna - Bond, Z. S. & Moates, Danny R.: Judging Voice Similarity in Unknown Languages
  13. Tambovtsev, Yuri: Density of Language Taxons (Subgroups, Groups, Fammilies, Unities) from Phonological Point of View Functioning of Labial Consonants in Slavonic Languages
  14. Vesela, Katerina - Peterek, Nino & Hajicova, Eva: Some observations on contrastive topic in Czech spontaneous speech
  15. Yakovlev, Andrei Viktorovich: Aspects of Phonetic/Phonological Periphery in Works of Prague Functionalists and the Phonetic/Phonological Periphery of Modern Afrikaans