XVII International Congress of Linguists
Prague, Czech Republic, July 24-29, 2003

Accepted papers for the session 7:
Syntax and morphology

  1. Ahangar, Abbas Ali: Persian Relative Clause Derivation Based on Move-alpha
  2. Antrim, Nancy Mae: Factors Affecting Selection of Possessive Constructions with Inalienable Possession
  3. Asatiani, Rusudan: Main function of polypersonality in the Georgian language
  4. Askedal, John Ole: Topological Integration of Non-Verbal Elements into Modern Standard German Clause-Final Verb Chains
  5. Benoist, Jean-Pierre: Les syntaxémes "U N/génitif dand une grammaire de rôles du russe
  6. Bordag, Denisa: Gender Interference Effect in Second Language Production
  7. Borgonovo, Claudia & Ignacio Bosque: The Serial Progressive
  8. Bouchard, Denis: Questions and Answers about wh-Constructions
  9. Brito, Ana Maria: The Presence/Absence of Definite Articles before Possessives in European and Brazilian Portuguese Revisited
  10. Dogliani, Evelyne: Constructions ergatives de verbes experientiels: une comparaison entre le français et le portugais
  11. Drachman, Gaberell: Approaches to null-Comp
  12. Dressler, Wolfgang & Klampfer, Sabine: The Relevance of Cross-Linguistic Acquisition Studies for Typological Language Comparison
  13. Filtchenko, Andrei: Pragmatics of Voice in Eastern Khanty
  14. Fugier, Huguette: Les constructions causatives malgaches á préfixe maha-: le codage syntaxique des notions de cause extrinséque et intrinséque
  15. Fujii, Fumio: The Syntactic Function of Negators and the Notion of "Grammatical Gravitation"
  16. Giunashvili, Helen: Category of Passive in the Middle Persian Language
  17. Grácia, Lluisa & Riera, Laura: Deverbal Nouns Expressing Desire in Catalan
  18. Grishina, Natalia: Reference Maintenance in Ket
  19. Gruzdeva, Ekaterina: Towards a Typology of taxis: Evidence from Nivkh
  20. Hagége, Claude: Space Markers, or the Difference Between Mere Rntities and Entities as Places
  21. Halevy, Rivka: Co-referential dative pronouns in Hebrew
  22. Haspelmath, Martin: Phrasal and Clausal Coordinators
  23. Jakab, Edit: Counterfactuality and Conditional Inversion in Russian in the Light of English
  24. Jouitteau, Mélanie: Case Assignment Strategies in Breton
  25. Joukova, Nina: Systemwert des Konjunktivs der indirekten Rede in der deutschen Gegenwartssprache
  26. Katada, Fusa: Reduction versus Addition of the Causative Morphemes and their Implications to the Accessibility of the Argument Structure
  27. Kihm, Alain: Arabic Internal Plurals: Pluralization without Morpheme
  28. Kirtchuk-Halevi, Pablo-Isaac: Deixis vs. Conceptualization, Discourse vs. Grammar, Parole vs. Langue: A Copernician Revolution in Linguistics
  29. Kupferman, Lucien: Inhérence et chaine de liage
  30. Kutscher, Silvia: Case Selection in German Psych Verbs
  31. Nakamura, Masanori: Locality under Ellipsis in Japanese
  32. Nocentini, Alberto: Parataxis, Hypotaxis, Parahypotaxis
  33. Ono, Kiyoharu: On the So-called Stative Noncanonical Constructions in Japanese
  34. Pierrard, Michel & Havu, Eva: Paramétres pour l'interprétation et le classement des constructions á prédication seconde
  35. Pkhakadze, K. - M.Ivanishvili: The semantic side of language productivity and the Georgian verbal inflection
  36. Renaud, Aline: Aspects de l'interface morphosyntaxe/sémantique: le cas des verbes á [complexité] 2
  37. Seppänen, Aimo: The English Ban on the Structure 'Preposition + Relative that'
  38. Skrabalova, Hana: Local Scrambling as EPP Driven Movement: Evidence from Czech
  39. Skribnik, Elena: Infinite Verb and its Categories
  40. Sung, Li-May: Long-Distance Reflexives in Saisiyat
  41. Tenchea, Maria: Sur quelques structures syntaxiques impliquées dans le phénoméne de la reprise. La reprise POLÉMIQUE
  42. ten Hacken, Pius: Phrasal Elements as parts of Words
  43. Van Niekirk, Johan: VP-Shell Analysis: A Minimalist Approach
  44. Westphal, Germán: On the Position of Postverbal Subjects - The Case of the Spanish Canonical and "Se" Passives


  1. Aurova, Mirka: Non-nominative structures in Latin and Spanish
  2. Drezdner, Rachel: Le petit prince, pour un voyage au pays des langues
  3. Giunashvili, Helen: Category of Passive in the Middle Persian Language
  4. Heap, David: Les atlas linguistiques et l'étude de la morpho-syntaxe
  5. Ishikawa, Masataka: An Informal Look at Formal Aspects of Syntactic Drift: A Case Study in Spanish
  6. Kanno, Kenji: Two-Alternative-Chinese-Character Words in Japanese: Right-hand Head Rule and left-hand Priority Principle
  7. Lima, Eugenia Herera: Elementary School Students' Syntactic Maturity from Three Mexican Cities
  8. Mailles, Alain: Diachtonie morpho-sémantique corrélative en Forez de paradigmes des suffixes verbaux et du pronom personnel sujet
  9. Molle, Kunka: The Usage of the Definite Article in Contemporary Standard Bulgarian and Macedonian
  10. Paradis, Gaële & Triquenot, Anne: Je vais á ou sur Paris? Étude de la dynamique de la préposition sur dans son emploi spatial
  11. Scliar-Cablar, Leonor: Lexical Creations and Syllabic Processes
  12. Shimamura, Reiko: The Boundary between Word and Phrase: The Case of A-N Expressions within Compounds
  13. Stepikhov, Anton: On Text Retelling as a Type of Spontaneous Monologue