XVII International Congress of Linguists
Prague, Czech Republic, July 24-29, 2003

Accepted papers for the session 6:
Techniques for language description

  1. Alsharaf, Haytham - Cardey, Sylviane - Greenfield, Peter - Limame, Dalila & Skouratov, Igor: Fixedness, the complexity and fragility of the phenomenon: some solutions for natural language processing
  2. Böhmová, Alena & Hajičová, Eva: Large Language Data and the Degrees of Automation
  3. Hong, Huaqing & Ooi, Vincent: NPs as Content Indicators of Variation across Speech and Writing
  4. Isahara, Hitoshi: Linguistic Resources Compiled by Communications Research Laboratory, Japan
  5. Lopatková, Markéta: Issue of Valency in Prague Dependency Treebank: Creating Valency Lexicon of Verbs
  6. Ruimy, Nilda & Monachini, Monica & Calzolari, Nicoletta: Un Lexique Électronique Multi-niveaux de l'Italien
  7. Slavcheva, Milena: Multi-Level Linguistic Description of the Verb Complex in Bulgarian


  1. Braga, Alzerinda de Oliveira: La structure d'actance en Makurap
  2. Costa, Raimundo Nonato V.: Relationships between subject and verb in kuruaya
  3. Ferreira, Marília: Verbal classes and grammatical relations in Parkateje
  4. Franceschini, Dulce: Les constructions verbales en Sateré-Mawé
  5. Rodrigues, Carmen Lúcia R.: La relation entre le verbe et l'objet dans la langue xipaja