XVII International Congress of Linguists
Prague, Czech Republic, July 24-29, 2003

Accepted papers for the session 5:
Language and fieldwork

  1. Avelino, Heriberto & Kim, Sahyangi: Articulatory and acoustic properties of Pima coronals
  2. Conek, Marija: La place du hongrois dans le familles hungaro suisses a Bale
  3. de Graaf, Tjeed: Description of endangered languages in Russia on the basis of historical data and field work
  4. Everett, Caleb D.: Allophonic variants of /r/ in Brazilian Portuguese dialects: a field report
  5. Fernandes, Silvia D.: Le langage chez le jeune enfant: perception et representation
  6. Fuerst, Renee: Any authentic speakers left? German dialects in Southern Moravia
  7. Giolitto, Marco: Le plurilinguisme dans les plaines argentines: le contact entre l'espagnol et le piemontais dans la Pampa gringa
  8. Richard-Zappella, Jeannine: From troubles of the patient to words of the doctor: Analysis of a type of reported speech, autophonic and diaphonic sequences
  9. Silva, Cecilia de Souza: L'affrontement des discours sur le travail: organisation eclatee et organisation cloitree
  10. Tinyakova, Elena A.: Fieldwork as social practice in modern society