XVII International Congress of Linguists
Prague, Czech Republic, July 24-29, 2003

Accepted papers for the session 4:
Computational Linguistics

  1. Antonov, Sergei - Bogushevich, Dmitry & Nikishin, Andrei: Syntactic model for a formalised sentence analysis
  2. Arim, Eva - Costa, Francisco & Freitas, Tiago: Testing two discourse segmentation models with Portuguese data
  3. Bordag, Stefan: Sentence Cooccurrences as Small-World Graphs: A Solution to Automatic Lexical Dismabiguation
  4. Dias-da-Silva, Bento Carlos: Human Language Technology Research and the development of the Brazilian Portuguese Wordnet
  5. Hamon, Thierry: Semi-automatic acquisition of synonymy relations between terms based on lexical resources
  6. Mörth, Karlheinz: Xaligner: Building an interactive multi-lingual multi-purpose alignment system for XML encoded data
  7. Sanso, Andrea: Typological databases: A New Approach
  8. Tio, J: Nachschlagwerke in Internet. Zweck und heutiger Stand des Katalanisch-Englisch-Deutschen Lexicons
  9. Zinglé, H. & Gonzalez, A. Alvarez: Morphologie derivative et traitement automatique de la langue yaqui
  10. Zweigenbaum, Pierre & Grabar, Natalie: Learning Morphological Knowledge from Medical Terminology