XVII International Congress of Linguists
Prague, Czech Republic, July 24-29, 2003

Accepted papers for the session 3:
Comparative linguistics

  1. Abe, Seiya: Dialectal/Climatic Features and Distribution of Terms for Watercourses in Asian Languages: the Case of Japanese, Korean and Chinese
  2. Abraham, Werner: The European Demise of the Simple Past and the Emergence of the Periphrastic Perfect: Areal Diffusion or natural, Autonomous Evolution Under Parsing Facilitation? The Case of South German
  3. Agcagül, Sevgi: On Grammaticalization Paths of Turkic Postverb Constructions
  4. Andersen, Henning: Syntactic Changes in Russian Numeral Phrases
  5. Awedyk, Wieslaw & Hamans, Camiel: Listening With Foreign Ears
  6. Barthdal, Jóhanna: The Develeopment of Case in Germanic
  7. Bubenik, V.: On the Evolution of the Hittie System of Postpositions from Proto-Inso-European
  8. Caron, Bernard: The Pronominal System of South-Bauchi West Chadic Languages
  9. Csato-Johanson, Eva: Copied Features of Turkic Reflexives
  10. Dench, Alan: 'What is this?' Proximal Demonstratives and Indefinite/Interrogative Pronouns in the Pilbara Languages of Western Australia
  11. Diaz-Vera, Javier: Principles of Onomasiological Reconstruction: Some Applications to Historical Contrastive Lexicology
  12. Ehret, Christopher: Separating Innovations from Shared Retentions in Language Classification
  13. Gensler, Orin: Shared quirks: A Methodology for "non-orthodox" Historical Linguistics
  14. Green, Rebecca: Subgrouping Within the NonPamaNyungan Languages of Northern Australia: Evidence From Verbal Paradigms
  15. Grondona, Veronica: Are Guaycuruan and Matacoan Languages Related?
  16. Hock, Hans Heinrich: *[+ labial, + palatalised]
  17. Johanson, Lars: Code Copying in Historical Linguistics
  18. Koch, Harold: The Case for Pama-Nyungan: Inflectional Morphology
  19. Marcantonio, Angela: Evidence: the Missing Concept in Comparative Studies. A Comparison of Uralic and Indo-European
  20. Martin, Jack: From Prefix to Infix in Muskogean
  21. McConvell, Patrick & Alpher, Barry: Reconstruction of the Proto-Pama-Nyungan Kinship System in Australia
  22. Orlandini, Anna: Contra: le parcours controverse d'une grammaticalisation
  23. Orr, Robert: Family Trees in Historical Linguistics and Evolutionary Biology
  24. Phillips, Betty: Borrowing and the Linguistics Diffusion of Sound Change
  25. Polikarpov, Anatoliy: Evolutionary Model for Explaining of the Menzerath's law Arising
  26. Ratcliffe: Afroasiatic Comparative Lexical: Implications for Long (and Medium) Range Language Comparison
  27. Ragagnin, Elisabetta: The Historical Evolution of a Turkic Variety in Northwestern Mongolia
  28. Rischel, Jürgen: The Role of a "Mixed" Language in Linguistics Reconstruction
  29. Ross, Malcolm: Change and Stasis in Oceanic Possessive Constructions
  30. Rudes, Blair: Applied Comparative Linguistics and Language Revitalization
  31. Sammallahti, Pekka: Linguistic Innovation of Uniform Protolanguages
  32. Scherer, Carmen: Diachronic Word Formation: -er Nominals in German
  33. Schulte, Kim: Foreign Etymology: an Unusual Trigger for Phonological Change in Romanian
  34. Smith, John Charles: Romance Ethic Clitics as a Case of Subjectification
  35. van der Voort, Hein: Tupi or not Tupi? The Unclassified Languages of Rondonia, Brazil
  36. van Driem, George: The Language Organism: the Leiden Theory of Language Evolution
  37. van Gelderen, Elly: Cross-Clausal Grammaticalization: Economy, Innovation and Prescriptivism
  38. Wichman, Soren: A Summary of Advances in Mayan Comparative Phonology