XVII International Congress of Linguists
Prague, Czech Republic, July 24-29, 2003

Accepted papers for the session 2:
Pidgins, creoles, language in contact

  1. Chan, Brian Hok-shing: Case-marking in Cantonese-English Code-switching
  2. Diller, Anthony & Khanittanan, Wilaiwan: Bilingual mixing and diglossic differentiation: Thai and Khmer
  3. Elsik, Viktor: Borrowing Hierarchies in Morphology: The Romani Sample
  4. Evans, Moyra Sweetnam & Pienaar, Marné: The effect of language contact on some South African languages
  5. Fernández, Mauro: Another view of the origins of Chabacano de Zamboanga
  6. Gómez, Gale Goodwin: Reflections of Brazilian Portugese in the Yanomae Language of Amazonia
  7. Janse, Mark: Agglutinating tendencies and the development of morphological definiteness in Cappadocian
  8. Kapeliuk, Olga: Between Russian and Neo-Aramaic
  9. Ljubicic, Maslina: Contrastive Approach to the Adaptation of Gender of French Nouns in Italian and in Croatian
  10. Mehrotra, Raja Ram: Grammatical Features of Indian Pidgin English
  11. Munoz, Ana Sánchez: Progressive Forms in Contact: From Transfer to Convergence in the Spanish Progressive Constructions in Los Angeles
  12. Naro, Anthony J.: Some Bases of Pidginizatization
  13. Olbertz, Hella: The evidential present perfect in Ecuadorian Highland Spanish: a case of language contact
  14. Papen, Robert: Mixed languages: One phonology or two? The case of Michif
  15. Rodríguez, Ruth González: Phonic peculiarities of the Spanish language in contact with Galician, Basque and Catalan