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Prague, January 31, 2003

Dear Authors,

As you have already been informed by the Scientific Committee or by the workshop organizers, your paper/workshop contribution/poster has been accepted for presentation at the 17th International Congress of Linguists held in Prague, July 24th-29th, 2003. As announced in the second circular, abstracts of the presentations will be published in the Congress volume of abstracts, which will be included in the Congress materials.

The instructions for the shape and style of abstracts:

The whole text (including the title, name of the author and the address) should not contain more than 2200 characters (by a character we mean a letter, a blank or a punctuation mark). The abstract should have the following structure (parts):

- Title of the contribution
- Name(s) of the author(s)
- Affiliation (maximum of 3 lines)
- e-mail address (maximum 1 line)
- The text of the abstract

The individual parts of the abstract are divided by "enter".

The text of the abstract should not include tables, figures or other complex structures; please do not use different types of letters in the text (no bold, italics, underline).

The text should be sent in two versions:
- in RTF format (rich text format), and
- in PDF format or postscript.

Languages of the abstracts: English or French
Languages of the full presentations: English, French, German, or Russian

Abstracts should be sent in an electronic form to, to reach us not later than March 31st. Abstracts received after this deadline will not be printed in the volume of abstracts.

The local organizers also plan to make the full versions of papers available on a cd-rom, under the condition that the final full versions will be presented in an electronic form (on a diskette) together with a hard copy at the registration office before the end of the Congress.

We would like to emphasize that at the Congress, papers/workshop contributions/posters can be presented only personally, by the authors/co-authors.

The pre-final daily schedule will be made available on the Congress web site ( by the end of April and the final schedule will be included in the Congress materials.

Looking forward to seeing you in Prague and wishing you a good trip to Prague and an enjoyable stay there

Sincerely Yours

Local Organizational Committee